First United Methodist Preschool Easter Surprise

Today’s Chapel at First United Methodist Preschool was a special surprise and treat for everyone! Jack and I went to the preschool this morning for this special event. For the past two years, the director of the preschool, Ms. Denise, has planned this event to help the children learn about Easter. The director happens to be my mom, so I love to do these small and special events when I have the chance!

Parents, teachers, and students all gathered on the front steps of the Sanctuary. The children sang songs of praise. They shouted to the neighborhood in their best outside voices that Jesus loves us best! Then, they spoke about Easter and how Jesus died on the cross for us but that He did NOT stay dead. He is alive and sits in heaven waiting and watching over us. What an AMAZING miracle!

Ms. Denise continued to explain how a caterpillar becomes a chrysalis and looks dead, but then he emerges as a beautiful butterfly. Teachers handed out tiny triangle boxes for each child hold. Little did they know that inside each box was a Monarch butterfly. Students opened the tabs on their boxes, and 80 butterflies were released as a great remembrance of the event. We loved seeing the faces of the children light up when they butterflies emerged. From the curiosity to the final surprise, the reactions were priceless.

The butterflies came from Swallowtail Farms and are shipped in a hibernation state. They hand raise their butterflies and make sure they are the healthiest they can be. Not only are the butterflies a great teaching tool, but they can be a beautiful addition to any wedding or event.

A huge thank you to the First United Methodist Preschool for allowing us to photograph this event! Enjoy some moments from this morning below. Be sure to check out Swallowtail Farms and the amazing First United Methodist Preschool in St. Cloud!

First United Methodist Preschool | Butterfly Release | St. Cloud, FL

  1. Kerrie

    April 5th, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    Stunning pictures as always Haleigh, you captured the children’s smiles and wonderment beautifully.

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