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Adventuring In Albany, New York: Part One



Life has been a *little* hectic these past few months, but we don’t want you to ever miss out on our adventures! As we are about to embark on our yearly road trip, we have to relive one of our craziest adventures of 2019: our trip to Albany, New York. You might think, “What’s so crazy about flying to Upstate New York to shoot a wedding?” Well. Everything.

Our Amazing Albany Couple

New York Wedding Photographer

We met our wonderful couple, Marissa and Alex, at our dear bride Nicole’s wedding in August of 2018. Marissa was a bridesmaid for Nicole and just the sweetest. When she got engaged to Alex in December, Nicole told her to book us and we couldn’t be more grateful!! In January of this year, we finalized everything with the couple and put it in the books for the end of August. June-August are typically dead months in Florida due to the extreme heat, so we take as many out-of-state weddings as we can in that time. It’s also smack dab in the middle of hurricane season…

Preparation for Our Albany Trip

As the Labor Day weekend came into view on our calendars, we started prepping for Marissa and Alex’s big day. Checking flights, hotels, car rentals, gear, and so on. The only thing we hadn’t checked at that point was weather. We don’t have cable (because holy crap it’s expensive here), so we really don’t watch the news at all. I started seeing the yearly Hurricane Memes on my Facebook feed from friends and wondered what it was all about. We started looking at the maps at saw a massive hurricane heading towards Puerto Rico. I am always prepared for any disaster situation, and naturally started freaking out. Jack and my family told me that it was too far away to tell, so I needed to calm down.

We continued to watch over the next few days to see where our local weatherman would tell us Hurricane Dorian would go. All of the tracks pointed straight through our town. The date showed September 2nd. Our dates in New York were August 30-September 1st. Great. With a hurricane, though, you can never really tell the size on one of those maps and where the heck it’ll actually hit. So, we kept waiting. Dorian continued to grow in size and stayed locked on us. Now, I was allowed to freak out.

map of hurricane radar Orlando Wedding and Destination Photographers

Those Darn Hurricanes…

On August 27, we had to make the call. Obviously, we will always go to our weddings no matter what is going on (unless one of us dies, but that’s another story). The decision we had to make was if we could fly back the night of the wedding, or extend the trip. Talks of the airports shutting down was a big factor. With my dad’s illness, I didn’t want to leave him alone during a storm as you never know what can happen.

We made the decision to leave the night of the wedding, and sleep as much as we could during the storm. I started looking at our flights, and there was only one flight in and out of the Albany airport for our airline. None of the surrounding airports had flights that night either. I was at a loss. Finally, I saw that the airport in Syracuse had a flight out at 6am the next morning. I figured we could drive right after the wedding to a hotel and get up early to leave. Little did I know, Syracuse is about 3 hours away!! Jack told me to do it and we could be grumpy later.

man boarding up home for hurricane Orlando Wedding and Destination Photographers

A Partial Resolution

By the grace of God, our airline representative was able to switch our flights at no cost and get us secured to go home. She told me that it would be in before they’d shut down the airports, which took a huge load off my shoulders. I also secured a second hotel and a new car rental. Phew. Jack and I boarded up our home, along with my parents and relatives, and got ready to fly to New York.

photography gear and suitcases Orlando Wedding and Destination Photographers

As we left for the airport on Friday, Dorian was approaching the Bahamas, which is really not that far away from us. I was very nervous, but my mom told me that God had us. I’m not a huge believer, but things changed for me in January and I accepted what she said. Full of anxiety and constantly watching the Weather Channel on our flight, we jetted off to Albany where we were greeted with quite the surprise….

couple on airplane to Albany, New York Orlando Wedding and Destination Photographers
Airplane wing on the flight to Albany, New York Orlando Wedding and Destination Photographers

Stay tuned for next week for Part 2 of our Adventure Through Albany! In the mean time, check out some of our other travel adventures here!

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