Our Story: The Chaperoned First Date


We left off with our story with me (Haleigh) asking Jack to go to the dance concert with us. This is where I goofed and didn’t realize how awkward this was going to be for a first date. But, more on that later!

The only contact information I had for Jack at that time was Facebook and messenger is seriously the worst. But I knew that was the only way! I sent the message at 1:45 in the afternoon (key point) saying that he should come see the dance concert with me. I didn’t hear back from him, even a few hours later, and knew that I messed up. Over and over in my head, I kept telling myself what a dumb idea it was. I even wrote afterwards “You don’t have to sit with me if I’m too embarrassing. You can just take the extra ticket.” What. The. Heck. Girl.

8:15 that night.

The message came through. “Yeah!! I’ll go with you! I’d probably have ended up sitting by myself otherwise. Yeah, I’m lame.” Years later, I can clearly see that was a tell tale sign that we were the perfect match, but 2015 Haleigh just had a panic attack. She had just figured out that she’d have to be presentable after wearing jeans, a band t-shirt, and a hoodie for the past two weeks. I never dressed up and hated it, quite frankly. But, I didn’t know if this was an actual date or not and I had to do my best. So, I texted my friend, Gabi, and had her pick my wardrobe. We threw together a dress and heels ensemble (so out of my comfort zone) and fixed my hair while putting on some makeup. Yeah, that would work! He had never seen anything like this from me.

Oh, did I mention that Gabi and my dad had the other two tickets with us? MY DAD??? Nope. I completely forgot in the moment too. I was just so excited to spend time with this goober. But, what could possibly go wrong?

first date

How 2015 Haleigh WAS dressing

Meeting the parents on the first date is a great move, right?

I arrived at the Dr. Phillips Center with my dad for the dance concert. Asking him to wait in the lobby, I went inside to check on everything lighting wise to make sure the night would run smoothly. I knew the show was in good hands, but it’s something I always do! As I was making my rounds, the text came through that he was in the lobby. It’s. Time.

If you’ve never been to the Dr. Phillips Center, let me set the scene. There is a set of marble stairs going from the second floor to the lobby. It kind of looks like something out of a movie. So, imagine yourself at the top of the stairs, finding the guy of your dreams, and walking down to him. It’s kind of magical. But for me, I probably looked like a dork. (He told me later he loved it and saw it the same way, but I think he was just trying to get on my good side). Anyway, I met up with Jack, and took him to meet my dad. Let the embarrassment begin.

The show must go on…

My dad didn’t know that I was crushing on Jack. He just thought it was some random kid that worked on the show and didn’t have a ticket. Oops. They’re besties now, but it was so awkward in the moment. The two of them shared small talk and we went in to see the show. I’ll skip all of that boring stuff, but my designs were on point. After the show, we went out to the lobby to mingle with other students and guests.

Being my mischievous self again, I had a plan for a photo with Jack. In case nothing came of this first date, I wanted to make sure I remembered the fun. So, I asked all my friends around us for photos with them, and then I asked Jack. Of course, he said yes. But then he asked me if I wanted to take a photo with my dad. This is one of my biggest regrets to this day. I said no, I just wanted them with my friends, and thanked him anyway. What I wouldn’t do for more photos of the two of us in my adult years now. Not the point at this moment! I got my picture, and felt like our first date was a success.

first date

Our first photo together, complete with terrible lighting and Jack’s classic flip flops.

Gabi offered to drive Jack back to UCF so he didn’t have to take the bus. I asked her to talk me up on the way home, and she did just that. Driving home with my dad, I sent Jack a message thanking him for coming with us and sorry for being an embarrassing goofball. He sent me something back. IMMEDIATELY.

Read the next part of our story in two weeks!

If you didn’t see part one, this was probably very confusing for you! Check it out here now!

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